Every 19 minutes someone dies from the misuse of prescription drugs. Each year more people die from prescription drug overdose than car accidents. Opioids have been shown to reduce acute pain by only 30%, there are no studies demonstrating lasting pain reduction for chronic pain.

Metamorphosis is here to help you reduce your pain and improve your daily life. We do this with safe, and effective treatment plans that reduce risks and maximize benefits. We go to great lengths to protect our patients from the significant risks that are associated with opioid (narcotic) therapy. We stringently follow DEA recommendations regarding prescribing opioid medications. Further, we only prescribe opioid medications if we determine that a patient’s pathology warrants their use; the patient satisfies specific criteria; and the patient has failed other, lower risk treatment options.

We typically do not prescribe high doses of opioid medications as research continues to show that this regimen has much greater risks for patients with few long-term benefits as compared to lower doses. We do NOT prescribe opioids on the first visit.

We believe that if you suffer from pain, we can help you. We can successfully treat all types of pain with our comprehensive treatment plans. Our treatments are safe, minimally invasive and clinically proven to be highly effective.

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